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I don't see a shop, do you have anything ready made for purchase? 

We work largely on custom products, but are in the process of retailing furniture and small products this month.

What exactly do you guys do? Are you contractors?

We are designer-makers - but if you really need to categorise us; carpenters. However, we do work with other materials other than wood. All pieces ordered are designed, made and installed by us (yes, us) because we find that it is the only way to maintain the quality and fitting of custom-made cabinetry and furniture, as well as provide personalised and timely service. 

Why can't you guys charge $60/ft like other contractors?

Simply because we are not contractors. As design-focused makers, we do not construct for the sake of maximising profits using the fastest and easiest way possible. We design your projects very much from scratch, guided by considerations on your needs, functionality, fit, durability and spatial consciousness.

Find out more at our Case Studies page. 

Do you have a production facility I can visit?

We work out of our design studio located at Defu Lane. Unfortunately, we do not allow drop-in visitors unless a prior appointment is made. 

Why do you need lead time to complete my order?

Prior to confirming the order, we will be upfront about the lead time required. 

Rest assured that we are very particular about completing your orders on time. We strictly reject orders that we are unable to fulfill to not compromise on quality and account servicing.


How do I care for my wood furniture/product?

We make our products carefully and personally handpicked and sourced from the best suppliers obtainable locally. Good wood is generally hardy and resilient. Like any other materials, maintenance is required to keep them in good condition. 

Wood is a natural material - do expect that no one product will look 100% the same due to its grain and texture. 


  • Cleaning wood furniture/products: use a damp cloth with little to no harsh chemicals and wipe it down.

  • Avoid soaking them in water: always wipe them down upon contact with water.

  • With time, your wood furniture/products will mellow with use. If you find that the surface feels less smooth than before, you can give the surface a very light sanding down with fine sandpaper (320 grit) and applying wood care oil on them.

Get in touch with us for more wood care advice at hello@birdseyestudio.co or via the Contact Form.