Less is More.

Our work is an expression of our belief. Our design sensibility centres on simple forms, smart proportions and subtle details. 


We specialise in crafting with plywood and birch plywood - favoured for their tone, utility and strength. Natural and non-toxic finishes are used to maintain the honest aesthetic of wood.  

All pieces are made entirely by us - no intermediaries.

We believe in making furniture modular so that spaces are kept nimble and adaptive to its inhabitants over time. 

“I abhor a room that demands such perfection that the only thing out of place in it is you.”

― Mark Hampton


Bird’s Eye Studio was founded in 2016 with the goal of making simple furniture and objects to enrich spaces. 

While designing our home, we wanted furniture that was pared down to its essence. Furniture that is functional and true, with perfect imperfections and patina. Furniture that is not hidden behind layers of plastic laminates and cheap chipboards. 


It was hard to find any, so we decided to make our own. Since then, we found much satisfaction in crafting carefully considered, timeless pieces for our collaborator and clients. 


We hope to share our philosophy with others who desire simple and intentional spaces to live and work. 

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